Kai Whitney Bio

Who is Kai Whitney?

Kai Whitney is the man behind Redbridge Capital Consulting, a trading research, consulting, and mentoring Services Company. After earning his BA degree from the University of California in 1994, Kai immediately began his Wall Street Career. For 13 years (1995-2008), Kai Whitney has worked for various reputable financial institutions. He sells trade mentoring program along with trading products and services. Some of the highly reputable financial institutions he has worked on over the years include:

  • Phase II Capital
  • Swiss Banks
  • UBS
  • Bear Stearns

Kai became a part of Middle Market Institutions Group where his main job was to offer trade services and financial advice, specifically on different ways to hedge funds, pensions, and management of large corporate accounts. His team functions as a consultative advisory rather than securities division. Kai and his team understand how clients build their business which enables him to really focus on the core aspect of the business. He makes sure that he offers the right services to his clients. He became one of the most influential in Bear Stearns and handled some of the largest accounts of the company. Some of the accounts he handled were United Airlines, Lost Angeles Teachers Retirement Fund, and Pathway Capital, which is a $35 billion dollar private equity fund.Kai Whitney

As a member of a prime brokerage service team at a large investment bank, Kai and his team offer the following:

  • Provides services that help hedge funds manage risk, portfolio monitoring, maintain liquidity and build businesses.
  • Offer capital introductions to hedge fund clients with targeted introductions to pension plans, family offices, endowments, foundations, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, private banks, funds of funds, and consultants.
  • Provide clearing services, which help clients execute and settle transactions on more than 97% of the world’s equities and derivatives exchanges. Kai’s team clears roughly 3 million trades per day.
  • Offer industry-leading insights into securities lending flow and provides financing solutions and risk models that enable hedge fund managers to use a wide range of investment strategies.

In December of 2006 when Kai Whitney finally decided to leave Bear Stearns and transferred to Sungard Capital Markets. It is a proprietary trading firm where he was assigned to the assent proprietary trading desk. Throughout the years of working in big financial firms that were primarily involved in trading, Kai has learned various trading strategies. He learned to follow the order flow of large institutions – “do not as they say, do as they do.”

In 2009, he finally decided to trade futures and stocks for his own account using the strategies he learned from his previous jobs, specifically order flow, market profile, and auction market theory. In 2012, he successfully created the very first and only professional grader order-flow algorithm. This is helpful to all types of traders as it enables them to follow large institutional order flows that directly affect the market.

Kai Whitney and his order-flow and technical analysis

Kai Whitney is a self-acclaimed know-it-all man. His trading decisions are purely based on order flow and technical analysis. He rarely relies on fundamental analysis. He has made equity calls to CEOs on their stock and most of the time, it is his firm’s call versus the CEO’s call. Based on the order flow and technical analysis, Kai Whitney advised the CEO to sell the first chance he got after going public. Right there and then, he was asked to resign at UBS because of a bad call. Turned out to be, it wasn’t a bad decision after all. The company failed five months later, which only proves that Kai Whitney was right all along.

At Redbridge Capital Consulting, we track institutional money flow through government and corporate filings such as COT Commitment Of Traders reports, 13d’s, S4 filings as well as both block trades and large trade imbalances over time.

Even though this analysis can be performed manually, for efficiency purposes, we have designed a proprietary toolkit we call the order flow sequence tracker. This software program helps track the trade imbalances and block trades in real time and we use those levels to identify where institutions are more likely to defend or initiate positions based on our overall market risk analysis.

Student Video of Order Flow Trading

Kai Whitney focused all his time, efforts, and attention to mastering order flow and technical analysis. He became the person to go to when it comes to such matters. His expertise became beneficial in the following field:

  • He taught Berkeley and Harvard Finance interns at Bear Stearns Securities.
  • Kai gave presentations to institutional investors.
  • He gave financial advice, especially on determining what market is the best place to invest in.
  • He authored market timing newsletters sent to all his prospects and investors.

Kai Whitney’s Order Flow Basics

Kai’s Challenges

Success isn’t possible without daily struggles. Even the man who claimed to know it all struggles too. For Kai, it happened in 2008. During that time, he supposed to trade his own capital, but couldn’t really make a sound decision. He failed big time. He focused his life on raising his son and really tried hard to get the market off his system. It took a year before he regained his confidence. In March of 2009, he buys into the market and continued to hone his learning and understanding of the trading industry. This time, he didn’t solely focus on stocks. He included futures. It took a hard fall before Kai realized that he needed help. He thought he knows it all but he was wrong. He does need help. He admitted that he was arrogant enough to not accept help from others. He realized he was wrong and so he bounced back even stronger than before.

Kai Whitney as a successful trader

For many years working in the financial industry, Kai Whitney has mastered the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful trader and financial adviser. He is a wholesale trader. Kai trades price based on analysis of the value levels in the market. He buys when the price is on the low side and sells when the price is favorable. He uses order flow in every decision he makes. Using his expertise, he came up with a professional grade institutional order-flow algorithm for the retail market. These are OFST- Order Flow Sequence Tracker, NOFT, Ghost Blocks and a revolutionary reversal algorithm. This Algo system provides the following advantages:

  • It identifies and records where and what price institutions are active.
  • It enables you to trade alongside with the large market movers

In May 2016, Kai Whitney sold the Algo package to a software company.

Today, he mainly focuses on helping all types of investors in managing their financial resources and teaching then various ways to invest wisely. By doing so, Kai is not only helping others but also himself. His journey is not a smooth-sailing one. There were bumps along the way, but he didn’t let it get the best of him. Kai wants to help others avoid the mistakes he committed when he was just starting in the industry. His mantra in life is “The secret to wealth is simple: Find a way to do more for others than anyone else does. Become more valuable. Do more. Give more. Be more.” – T. Robbins

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